Sneak On The Lot Levels Up!

It’s Here!
Our Shiny New Site!

We have been on a thrilling journey these last 15 years!  When we first started Sneak On The Lot we began under a different name, Independent Student Media… or ISM.  It was created in the tragic wake of the Columbine shootings as a way for students to express themselves artistically through film rather than violence.  We had no idea if or how that might work but as we began to teach young people about filmmaking, the results shocked even us… it did work!  It worked so well that we wanted everyone to join in!  We thought, “The internet!  That’s how we’ll get the word out!”  The problem was that this was 2001 and the internet just wasn’t capable of really teaching people or streaming the student’s films, to say nothing of the fact that schools then weren’t allowing students to access the web in school at all.  There’s no way this was going to work.

Those days are over and we are so excited to tell you about all the exciting new features on Sneak On The Lot!!!

Oldies But Goodies

For those users who loved us because of our totally awesome interviews, royalty free music, sound effects, stock footage and tutorials… You’ll be happy to know that those are all still with us and we continue to add to each of those features.  They’ve received a nice new design that makes them easy to use as well.

There Are Now 12 New Curricula

These new courses take each student through the step-by-step process of how to use the website, how the site how to make a short film.  But we wanted to do more than just teach students about production.  We wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of how some of the key positions on a film are done.  So we developed “Character Pathways” which allow students to dive into their desired filmmaking roles.  These new courses allow each student to customize their learning experience to their desired filmmaking experience.  Writer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography and Editor, all with their very own course, which when pulled together in student teams, makes for an unparalleled skill level in discipline.

Brand New Theater!

The theater hasn’t just been updated… Holy Cow!  It’s amazing and it’s the heart of the game.  For

Updated Screenwriting Application For Everyone!  FOR FREE!

Based on our previous screenwriting web application, we took all the lessons we learned and built a stand alone desktop application for writing and we’re giving it away to everyone for free.  That’s right, you don’t have to be a subscriber to the lot to download and use it as much as you like.  Why would we do this?  Cause we love you guys!

The Game of Hollywood

For those of you who have been around, you know that we’ve been working on this for some time.  We’ve tried out numerous variations of this in testing to find just the right balance between education, real-life experiences, the filmmaking process and good old fashioned FUN!  Who says learning isn’t fun, right?


Current User Transition

Each of our current schools will have a simple transition.  Your schools and instructors will simply be able to login to the new site with your old usernames and passwords.  Your students will either need to be uploaded via a CSV file or individually plugged into the system via the new “Teacher Control Panel”.  This new control panel will give instructors the ability to add/remove students as well as review all of your student’s essays, quizzes and assignments.


Best of all, the new site is entirely MOBILE FRIENDLY!
So get out your phones and tablets and join us on the lot!


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  • new website, mobile friendly
  • new challenges
  • same old tools as before with 37,000 tracks of music and 67,000 sound effects, 4,300 pieces of stock footage

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