The Youngest Sneaker

A few years ago we were contacted by Sasha Sibley, the youngest person to join Sneak On The Lot to date.  If my memory is correct, he was eleven years-old when he joined.  He wanted to make feature films and when he let us in to see the scope of his intended vision for his films, we had our breath stolen from our lungs.  This kid had the determination and drive to make it but more importantly, he had the heart of a great filmmaker and we knew we needed to support him.

“I was 12 years old the first time I ‘Snuck On The Lot’. I came in with a passion for movies and a desire to turn my home videos into films. Through a diverse online community, fantastic learning materials, and the incredible summer workshops I did just that. During my time on Sneak On I gained invaluable insights from Fletch and Chet who helped guide me through the process and were always willing to give me advice, no matter how small the project. Within a year of joining the site I completed my first professional short film and my first feature screenplay. Looking back all these years later I can honestly say that first moment that I made an account on may have just been one of the most important of my life and career. I can’t thank Fletch and Chet enough for creating such a vibrant community and cultivating the dreams of filmmakers worldwide.”

We watched Sasha grow as a filmmaker and young man as we watched his films.  With each one he was becoming more and more talented.  He joined us for the summer workshop in Hollywood and we could see the fires light up in his eyes.

Recently we were so proud to see him walk the red carpet and receive one of his first real awards for his hard work.  Keep your eyes peeled for Sasha’s name on the big screen soon… we’re 100% confident that this kid has what it takes to make it in the big leagues.

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