The Game of Hollywood

Play the game. Make a name.

A large degree of “making it” in Hollywood is “luck”. Sneak On The Lot is a game based solely on talent that will enhance your “luck” in Hollywood. As your skills increase so to does your opportunity for being recognized in Hollywood.


Levels are given to those who complete courses on the lot or for passing milestones along the journey. These Levels are registered with Credly and can be linked to your social media and professional resumes. These are the levels you can earn.


Heat is earned by uploading your finished films and having people review them. It is much more difficult than gathering tokens but it is the one variable that will get you noticed more than anything else. This is the sum total of your proven talent on the lot.

Critic Fame

Where there are filmmakers, critics will surely follow, and the lot is no different. Critics bring a valuable element to the lot, which has the potential for helping filmmakers see where they could have done better as well as what was successful about their films.

Get Noticed By Professionals

Hollywood is always on the lookout for the next Steven Spielberg or Tom Cruise. Until now, you’ve had to go to Los Angeles or New York to be discovered. Sneak On The Lot was created by industry professionals who are bringing their network of producers, casting directors, agents and studio executives to find and cultivate young filmmaking talent. We help bring attention to student’s accomplishments through our challenges.


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