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Learn to Teach and Create Films Like a Pro.

Skills USA Closed Beta in Progress – 6/19/17 - 6/23/17



Enhance your learning with a 21st Century film course that is packed with media which puts real professionals right in front of you.


Turn any project into a professional work of art with the Sneak On The Lot tools suite. Stock footage, music, sound effects, tutorials, professional interviews and more.


 Our workshops put you side by side with industry professionals who can show you the ropes.

[section_title title=”Milestones”]Successful programs can point to numbers, so here are a few.[/section_title]
[counter value=”15654″ title=”Happy Students”]We have had so many students use Sneak On The Lot over the years and we only started counting since 2014.
[counter value=”450″ title=”Films Completed”]The students who use the tools and the curriculum are headed for the finish line and a completed film.[/counter]
[counter value=”150″ title=”Schools”]Ask a school or individual that is using the system and you’ll see why we have so many users.[/counter]