Category: Semi Truck

SemiInteriorGrind PE296201

Semi; Interior; Grind To Start, Accelerate Through Gears. Low Whining With Acceleration. Popping Metal And Bouncing Shocks In Cab. Rev Down With Huge, Ponderous Sputtering In Middle. Grinding And

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SemiInstopoffLongA PE295401

Semi; In / Stop / Off; Long Approach, Large Engine With Fast Rhythmic Chirp, Metallic Creaking Of Cab And Trailer, Air Brake Hiss, Stop With Grinding And Clicks Of Motor. Medium To Close Perspective

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SemiByFastLongRumb PE294201

Semi; By, Fast; Long, Rumbling Approach, Engine Whine And Exhaust Audible At Close Range, Trailer Clunking In Away. Medium Perspective. Truck.

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