Summer Workshop – Teacher


Join us for a week in Hollywood and when you leave you will be completely prepared to teach your classes and lead your programs.


Sneak On the Lot workshops were created to assist filmmakers and instructors in the classroom and give them personal experiences behind the scenes of a motion picture.  This experience could then be taken back to their classrooms and be dispensed to their students.

In addition to participants working on a film in Hollywood, we provide regional workshops that are given in your local area.

To enable educators and students the best filmmaking knowledge possible, Sneak On The Lot offers a workshop that engages participants in the various stages of film production — From working on set with professionals to participating in various filmmaking workshops, Sneak On The Lot has a proven track record of thorough filmmaking training.



  • 1 year subscription to Sneak On The Lot
  • 4 days of studio instruction
  • 1 day of on set instruction
  • 50-60 hours of In-Service credit
  • 5 night stay in Marriott hotel
  • Free camera slate
  • Raw footage from the workshop