Individual Subscription 12 Months

$90.00 / year

This subscription provides you access to all of the film tools on the lot as well as all of the core curricula along with many of the filmmaking challenges.


There is an old saying in Hollywood that goes something like this, “This isn’t rocket science… it’s much harder”.  This is so true and our intention is to make it as easy as possible so we’ve created a series of tools that you can use to improve your films.  When used alongside our 12 courses we’ll guide you through the process of making a film.

This 12 month subscription is 25% off the normal subscription price.

This subscription includes:

  • 12 core filmmaking courses
  • Royalty-free Music
  • Royalty-free Sound Effects
  • Royalty-free Stock Footage
  • Hours of Interviews with industry professionals
  • Tutorials
  • Forum access
  • Glossary
  • Script Library
  • Filmmaking challenges with cool prizes.

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