Green Screen Lighting Basics

Learn the tricks-of-the-trade that make all the difference when you are lighting green screen.  This class will make your visual effects team jump for joy because they will never have to pull a key from a bad green screen shot.


Join Carl Gunderstrup, veteran film, television and corporate video gaffer as he walks you through the basic techniques and tools for properly lighting a green screen.  In this information-packed course, Carl will show the importance of light separation between the green screen and talent, how to light from both a small kit up to using six or more lights for custom looks and lighting in confined spaces.  He’ll also address problems to be aware of when lighting both green screen and talent.  When you light as though you won’t be pulling the key yourself, you’ll have success keying your footage with even the most basic software keyers.

Carl “The Illuminator” Gunderstrup has been lighting independent films, television commercials and corporate video for 30 years. His clients include NBC, ABC, Industrial Light & Magic, Pepsi, Bath and Body Works, America’s Most Wanted, Xango and the Utah Jazz. He resides in Utah and is a married father of 4 children. For information on Carl’s services, visit