Documentary Screenings

View documentaries, both traditional and mockumentary style. We also recommend viewing both local and national news stories (CNN, Fox News, local stations).

The following is a recommended list of documentaries that are suitable for viewing in a classroom setting.

  • Civil War (Ken Burns) – 1990, NR
  • Spellbound – 2002, G
  • God Grew Tired of Us – 2006, PG
  • Hoop Dreams, 1994, PG-13
  • Who Needs Sleep?, 2006, NR
  • Born To Be Wild- 2011, G
  • Portrait of a Boxer – 2008, NR
  • R2D2: Beneath the Dome – 2001, NR
  • The Office – 2005, TVPG (Mocumentary)
  • TED Talks –
  • Unnamed Audio Documentary (Public Radio Exchange / and / or podcast

Although not in the recommended list earlier, corporate videos are nothing more than short documentaries for a business or organization. These videos are designed to sell, promote and train both inside and outside of the business and are typically shorter form productions 10 minutes and under. Most major businesses have videos like this on their corporate websites.

The terms “Corporate Film” or “Corporate Documentary” have been coined in recent years due to more cinematic methods being used to produce what was traditionally known as the “Corporate Video”.